Vision/Mission Statement


Joseph George Middle School

A Visual and Performing Arts Academy

“Where Arts and Academics Excel”





At Joseph George Middle School all students are given a robust education that emphasizes visual and performing arts alongside academics, which works in cohesion to build a well-rounded student. Students engage in a creative process which connects a variety of culturally and linguistically responsive art forms and other content areas to meet the evolving academic objectives. Students are given equitable access to the arts and academics, which allow them to prepare to succeed in college, careers, and excel at life in today’s globalized world environment.



  • Students will produce portfolios through their time at Joseph George Middle School Visual and Performing Arts Academy, which will display their work in one of three strand- visual arts, performing arts, or a combination of the two.  The portfolio will showcase their growth, creativity, and academic development through their timed at George.
  • Students will engage in academic opportunities that expand the creative mind, foster and build self confidence, develop critical thinking and prepare students for an ever changing world.
  • Teachers will integrate culturally and linguistically responsive visual and performing arts into their curriculum.
  • The school will provide equitable opportunities and full access to a wide array of visual and performing arts electives which will allow students to develop skills and passions within the arts.
  • Parents will support students through the arts by engaging in parent workshops, running parent organizations that help fund the efforts, and attend arts events their student is partaking in.
  • Partnerships with agencies will help to build the divide and bring greater access to the school both inside the classroom and outside of the normal day.